Clearing and Re-energising Spray


Blended to create a happy clear atmosphere, this 100% organic spray clears out dank atmospheres and energies.

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Our Clearing and Re-energising spray is expertly blended from organic essential oils known for their positive properties. These natural oils have been mixed and layered so as when sprayed, the scents weave together to clear your space and create a happy, calm, positive, atmosphere.

How to Use

You can use this spray anywhere in the home where the atmosphere may need a bit of a boost.  When out and about and needing a lift, simply spritz around your space to help enliven and energise, the enjoy the beautiful clear scent.

Alternatively, you can spray this 100% organic spray on to a tissue or sleeve and gently inhale over the day to lift and enhance your mood.

Available in 100ml or a 50ml travel size for an on-the-go lift.

A more relaxing atmosphere can be created with our Blissful Sleep Spray. Designed to aid rest and relaxation.


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50ml, 100ml

3 reviews for Clearing and Re-energising Spray

  1. The Divine Hag

    Bought a big bottle of the clearing spray at the launch event last night. I can’t even begin to tell you how much nicer the energy is in my home now that it’s been doused in it. All the products smell absolutely amazing and the shop is such a welcoming space. I can’t wait to go back and spend all money lol 💖
    from a review on our Facebook page

  2. The Divine Hag

    I’ve got one of the room sprays (clearing and re-energising) and it’s fabulous. The smell is subtle but gorgeous. It’s especially good if, like so many other people, you suffer from reactions caused by ordinary high street air fresheners.
    From a review on our Facebook Page

  3. The Divine Hag

    When you walk into your kitchen to find it stinks due to your neighbours smoking something ghastly this little spray is an absolute blessing! I had the luck and the pleasure to meet @the_divine_hag on our train back from London, a totally random chance of fate that has been very fortuitous! Margaret whipped out this spray after a guy stinking of weed came by – a smell which triggers my asthma – and within seconds it was gone!
    From an Instagram review

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