Learn which aromatherapy oils are helpful in various situations. Workshop themes include, ‘Introduction to Aromatherapy’, ‘At Home’, ‘Pregnancy and Birth’, ‘Anxiety and Stress Relief’ and ‘Relaxation’.

All Participants will leave with a self blended body oil or room spray, perfectly suited to your needs.

Workshops are regularly run in London and Glasgow and our team are available for corporate and private events.

Upcoming Workshops in Glasgow Saltmarket

Thursday 7th March – 18.30-21.30 – Introduction to Aromatherapy

Sunday 24th March – 18.30-21.30 – Aromatherapy for Anxiety

Thursday 4th April – 18.30-21.30 – Aromatherapy for Home

Sunday 21st April – 18.30-21.30 – Introduction to Aromatherapy

Thursday 2nd May – 18.30-21.30 – Introduction to Aromatherapy

Sunday 19th May – 18.30-21.30 – Aromatherapy for Pregnancy

Thursday 6th June – 18.30-21.30 – Aromatherapy for Relaxation

Sunday 16th June – 18.30-21.30 –¬†Introduction to Aromatherapy

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